Kal el kryptonian writing a business

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Superboy (Kal-El)

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Find Your Kryptonian Name!

Siegel was raised because DC Comics did this without reaping bought the character. Kal-El comes to Earth. Superboy (Kal-El) is a native of the planet Krypton, the son of Jor-El, Krypton's most brilliant scientist and inventor, and his wife Lara. Finding evidence that the planet is about to be destroyed, Jor-El fails to convince the ruling Science Council, so he conducts tests with model rockets to enable his own family to jkaireland.com ego: Kal-El ("Starchild"), adopted as Clark Kent.

Metaphorically True: Everything he tells Seg about his grandson is true, but he conveniently leaves out that he was friends with Jor-El until he attempted a coup, Kal-El was a baby when he was shipped out so of course he knew only a fraction of his Kryptonian heritage, and Zod attempted to conquer Earth.

On the one hand Kal-El is a Kryptonian under a yellow sun, meaning that he has nearly unlimited powers and abilities. On the other hand, Clark has the advantage of being raised by parents who instilled him with courage, decency, honesty, and resolve.

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Ideography Overview

Superman has two names, his birth name from Krypton, Kal-El and his adopted name, Clark Kent. He also has two sets of parents, Jor- El and Lor-El.

His parents from Earth are. It caused the House of El to be ostracized, shamed, and even deprived of its right to have a name. Older and Wiser: The elder of House El, and the boldest Kryptonian scientist in ages.

Kal el kryptonian writing a business
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